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Sublimation Apparatus


Sublimation Apparatus (shown above on the right)

-        Very Short Vacuum Distillation unit.  The very short path, from the vaporization compartment to the condenser, only 0.5 cm, allows for facile and fast recovery of distillate. 

-        Ideal for distillation of small volumes 0.1 - 1 ml.

This is a two-piece unit for use with a collection flask and an immersion heater (the compartment holding the liquid to be distilled, the oil bath and the outlet to the collection flask form the bottom piece - the condenser and the vacuum adapter form the top piece).


Glassblowers.com will manufacture to your prints any specially designed apparatus. Just fax or e-mail us a drawing giving specific dimensions of your requirements. A technician will personally telephone you to go over all details. A quote will be given promptly.


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